Friday, 28 August 2009

Friday Fix

I woke up feeling decidedly grumpy today and sometimes the only way to cheer yourself up is drooling over pretty clothing.

This is officially The Cutest Jumper Ever. I genuinely gave a little squeal when I saw this hanging up in Topshop then proceeded to spend 10 minutes in the changing rooms crooning softly at it, whispering quietly (or some may say creepily) "I'll be back for you" as I handed it back to the fitting room attendant.

Spent most the day job hunting (hence the need for Cute Jumper fix) and listening to Radio 2 whilst drinking more Camomile tea than you can shake a stick at. Can you overdose on herbal teas I wonder?

Anywho, tea addiction aside, this guy's work also really makes me smile, particularly the Lego Star Wars pictures.

Help the homeless by Balakov.
Things have been a bit rough since the fall of the Empire.

Happy Friday

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Collecting things

I spent most the morning tidying. There are few things that give me more quiet contentment than a well organised draw or an organised folder. (perhaps this is why I enjoyed University so much - there was endless opportunities to tidy notes and folders!)

I collected seeds from our wild violets and lathyrus latifolius (perennial sweet peas) today. The wild violet seedpods open like small stars when they are ready to scatter their seeds. The seeds are tiny, they can't be more than a millimetre across and when they are ripe they jump out of their pod. I keep hearing tiny pops as they explode in the small brown envelope I'm storing them in.

I've also been listening to some Richard Bandler seminars. If you havn't heard of him before he is one of the founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) . His enthusiasm is infectious and you can't help but feel more motivated after listening to him. Everyone has an inner monologue and he says that if you want to get on and do something you need a big booming voice and a magnificent back up track to get you going - he recommended a mixture between a Wagner opera, a 50 piece orchestra, a gospel choir and the best rock music you ever heard. He makes the point that if your inner voice is whiny and weedy you'll never even leave the house! If you get a chance to hear any of his talks or read his books I would thoroughly recommend it.

I am however annoyed that people are becoming employed and I am remaining unemployed.
What's a girl to do hey?
I think some Wagnarian orchestral gospel rock is in order.
Or perhaps I'll just make a start on that chocolate bar...


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

New Kid on the Block

This is my first ever blog.

I feel a little like a new kid on their first day of a new school. I'm standing at the front of the class as the teacher introduces me. Fiddling with the buttonholes on the cardigan I'm wearing, I peep out from underneath my too long fringe and blush dreadfully (as I blush at most things), looking embarrassed and a little defiant.

Before a couple of weeks ago I had never even read a blog but after coming across a list of recommended ones in an old magazine I decided to check some out. I felt so inspired by some that I read I decided to write one of my own.

I don't suppose anyone but my lovely sister and brother and perhaps a few faithful friends will read it but if you do then I am truly flattered (and probably blushing again).

I'm still not sure whether this will be a stroll through the ramblings of my thoughts or whether a theme may emerge (knowing me, probably the former). Hopefully you will enjoy what I have to offer and it will make you smile, even just a little. If you want to make a comment or simply say howdee then that would be just peachy.

Maybe we could be friends? Could I sit with you at lunch?
I sure hope so.
Pip pip for now.
Humble Magnificent.